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At Yarraman Oaks Priamry School we have about 150 students in our learning comunity. Our small school comunity means that all our teachers are able to develop strong relationships with your child very quickly. Strong relationships alows teachers to develop learning programs that are taylored specificly for your students needs.

Located in the South-Eastern region of Victoria, Yarraman Oaks Primary School is approximately 35km from Melbourne. We are a small, friendly school community where diversity is embraced, opportunities are explored and all are welcome and valued.

Leadership program

At Yarraman oaks we recognise that our younger students look to our older students as role models. This alows us to coach the older students in how to lead others in a kind and respectful way. We have a buddy program that we develop with our prep and grade 5 students. This is so the preps will have a budy for 2 years rather than 1 which gives students more time to make Yarraman oaks their home and alows the grade 5 students to be exposed to a leadership role for a long period of time.

Welcome from the Principal